Project: Diamond Jubilee railings


The Diamond Jubilee bollards project, which was a unique opportunity to renovate many aspects of Richmond Green, has been lost after public consultation. The very disappointing outcome of the consultation meant that we could not proceed with the first co-ordinated refurbishment of Richmond Green in living memory. This would have included resurfacing the dilapidated pavements around the Green and a new pavement opposite Pembroke Villas, repairing or replacing any broken or damaged benches, refurbishing the bedraggled fountain (last restored 35 years ago to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee) and action on the muddy areas around the benches; on Greenside under the plane trees and opposite the Gateway as you enter Richmond from the A316 car park.  The pledges raised (just over £100,000) would have fully covered the costs of the Queen Elizabeth II bollards and allowed us to consider many additional careful enhancements in conjunction with Richmond Council.