FoRG does not levy an annual subscription from its members as we are fortunate to receive donations from film companies in respect of the disruption caused from filming on and around The Green.

When filming involves the suspension of residents and shared parking bays or other general disruption, film companies make a donation to FoRG and we use these funds to undertake community projects.

The most significant recent project was the restoration of the listed Victorian drinking fountain. We were able to apply for various civic pride awards and other donations to meet the costs of fully restoring the drinking fountain and replacing the red brick surround with reclaimed York Stone.

We are currently funding work on the benches and specifically tackling the bare, muddy patches in front of the benches. This involves an extension of the plinths themselves on a more consistent basis and re-turfing in front of the benches.

We are keen to hear from residents about other community projects we might consider in the future.

FoRG has drawn up a set of guidelines for filming on Richmond Green and the surrounding areas. This covers filming times, parking arrangements, catering, litter, noise, lighting and communications. If you would like a copy of these guidelines please email