Join us with What’s App


Friends of Richmond Green has decided to set up a WhatsApp group to benefit residents living in the immediate vicinity of The Green, The Little Green and surrounding areas (the scope is defined by the map in our constitution – email for a copy).


The primary purpose is to keep residents informed of local incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime. It’s also intended as a helpful way of keeping residents up to date about other local activities and developments that may be of interest – for example, the date of our AGM, or a local history talk, or a Council event you might want to be aware of.


How to join

To join our WhatsApp group, click here to download the Application Form. Just print it off, fill it in and return a scan or photo image of your completed form to us by email, following the instructions on the form.


Data protection

This new communications channel will be a closed user group and the platform will be managed by FoRG.


For you to participate we will require your mobile phone number, and you need to know that it will not be possible for it to be hidden, so it will be visible to all other users.


Participants must be over 16 years old.


We have requested your address on the application form so that we can check that all applicants are eligible to join the WhatsApp group. FoRG reserves the right to refuse applications from residents living outside our geographic remit.


Rules of engagement

The FoRG WhatsApp group is strictly for exchanging information; it is not a chat room. To help us keep it as useful and effective as possible, please take careful note of the following guidelines:-


Keep your messages short and relevant only to the subject matter indicated above;


Keep messages friendly, polite and respectful of others, using moderate and appropriate language;


Do not post anything defamatory, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading;


Please do not misuse the mobile number of any participant in the WhatsApp group;


FoRG reserves the right to delete any posts which are offensive or break our guidelines.